Wine List

Our wine list is an exercise in geographical exploration. Our wines are sourced and priced to tempt you into trying wines made from unusual grape varieties often imported from the less well known wine growing countries.

We have a very wide range of wines on our wine list, and they are set out by style rather than by region. Too many wine lists put pretension ahead of clarity and this often leads to conservative choices by the understandably bamboozled quaffer. We hope our format will encourage you to experiment with new grapes from new countries made by sometimes small but excellent producers. The list features wines from all over the world and each one represents quality and value at every price level, although we reserve the right to change prices and vintages from time to time. Please ask if you would like further guidance or particular details on any of our wines.

We utilise two symbols on the list, 0 denoting organic wines and 00 denoting wines produced in an environmentally friendly way. Organic wines are made from grapes grown without fertilisers or chemical sprays; environmentally friendly wines are similar but the producer has not been certified organic. Both are guaranteed “no hangover”. (This, like most guarantees, is not worth the paper it’s written on).

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